School Board

No less than other schools does the Catholic school pursue cultural goals and the human formation of youth.  But its proper function is to create for the school community a special atmosphere animated by the Gospel spirit of freedom and charity, to help youth grow according to the new creatures they were made through baptism as they develop their own personalities, and finally to order the whole of human culture to the news of salvation so that the knowledge the students gradually acquire of the world, life and man is illumined by faith.”  – Declaration on Christian Education #8


The work of the OLMC School Board finds its direction in its mission, which reads:

Rooted in the charisms of Saint Dominic and Saint Cecilia, the OLMC School Board supports the Principal in carrying out the School’s mission by developing strategic and long-range plans, sustaining the future and affordability of the School and creating awareness of the benefits of a Catholic education.

School Board members help to ensure the availability of Catholic education in this parish and in the wider community.

2023-2024 Our Lady of Mount Carmel School Board Members

  • Fr. Dan Beeman
  • Sister Anna Joseph, O.P.
  • Lauren Baddar
  • John Wilcox
  • Kim Taylor
  • Schondra Blount
  • Bronach Branan
  • Donna Toren
  • Melissa Pettigrew
  • Alyson Heidenthal
  • Robert Cook

Diocese of Richmond School Advisory Board Handbook