Parent Testimonials

Hear what one of our new families has to say about OLMC!

“The first day I was a bit nervous for the kids but now I 100% know it was the right decision to have them join the OLMC family.”  – New OLMC Family 2020

The following testimonials were taken from a recent parent survey at the end of last school year.  We encourage you to read what other parents are saying about Our Lady of Mount Carmel School.

Would you recommend OLMC to others?

This school, faculty & staff, has been the best experience, for our entire family!  This was our first year at OLMC & we could not be more pleased!  The best decision we have made for our daughter was to move her to OLMC from her previous school.  We would strongly & wholeheartedly recommend OLMC!

Yes! I am thrilled with my family’s experience at OLMC.  It is a rare and exceedingly fruitful experience.  The Dominican Sisters have given my children a unique opportunity to develop their spirituality under the guidance of their hearts that obviously overflow with love for God, Mary and God’s people.

What does OLMC do well?

Our children feel loved, safe, and are learning and growing in spiritual and academic areas of their life. The faculty and administration are wonderful and dedicated. Our children love their teachers.

Wonderful community atmosphere and the children feel respected and safe.

OLMC gives parents so many opportunities to be involved with their kids in many aspects of their education and school functions.

The principal and teachers do a wonderful job of demonstrating the joy of following the example of Christ and the Commandments of God. The school offers a warm environment for my children to learn and grow. Communication has improved this year with the ability to send e-mail messages to the principal, front office, and the teachers. Being able to communicate with the teachers this way has been most helpful!

The school is open and welcoming to parents and students. Allowing each grade to switch teachers for different subjects is a great idea; it gives students the opportunity to experience different teaching styles and to prepare for transitions, which are a fact of life. Club offerings are great; there are so many different choices to appeal to many different interests.

I respect and admire the teachers and staff at OLMC. Since my children have been here for six years, I have always felt that my children were given priority, encouragement, and support throughout their academic and Catholic development. I also appreciated that each of their teachers were approachable and responded to any concerns.

They offer the ability to learn to be part of a larger group of believers working toward one goal, the goal of creating young people to grow in Christ while obtaining the knowledge necessary to make a difference in the world. Also, the new bonding events and classes in the middle school have made a huge difference this year in comparison to last year.

The atmosphere of students supporting each other is SO much more evident here than at other schools.

Catholic identity, sense of community, high standards for academics, well-mannered students OLMC is academically challenging, but it also emphasizes the importance of being a good person and following Christ. My children often talk about the need to make good choices and treat others with respect.

I appreciate the religious education that my child is getting; I am happy with the structure in the classrooms and school environment; I have found the teachers and other staff members very helpful and encouraging; and I see that my child is flourishing in a Catholic environment.