Veritas Society & Cornerstone Breakfast

Our goal is for our students to graduate from our school with a better understanding and deeper desire to pursue truth, beauty and goodness.  Members of our Veritas Society are committed to the same goal we are by making a monthly gift to our school.

Veritas is the Latin word for “Truth,” and it has this name for two reasons:

  • We always want you to remember that you are giving to our school to help students pursue truth.
  • It is important for our school community to always remember that it is you who allow us to live out the mission and motto of our school, and make it accessible to many more families.

The funds that members provide on a monthly basis will be used where the need is greatest at our school.  From helping to close the gap of the actual tuition cost versus what families pay (actual cost per student is about $8,288; tuition for a Catholic family with one child at our school is just over $6,180), to being used for special projects or emergency needs, the gifts made by members of our Veritas Society are vital to helping our school thrive.

Interested in becoming a Veritas Member?
Call Sister Anna Joseph for more information at 757-596-2754 or email