Tax Credits

Your investment in Catholic education today provides scholarship funds for tomorrow’s students. 

Virginia’s Education Improvement Scholarships
Tax Credits (EISTC) Program 
65% return of your donation in Virginia state tax credits.

What’s great about tax credits?

—They directly reduce your tax bill.

—Individual donations starting at $500 are eligible.

—All business donations are eligible.

—If you choose to itemize, you will also receive federal and additional Virginia state tax reductions for charitable organizations.

—When you donate appreciated stock, you also eliminate capital gains tax.


Get started to receive your tax credit this year!

Call Sister Anna Joseph @ 757-596-2754 or print off the Letter of Intent and Pre-authorization Form to request tax credits.  No donation is made until the approval letter comes to you from the Dept. of Education

Learn more:  FAQ 2018-2019 for EISTC
OLMC  Tax Credit Presentation
(This includes an explanation of the simple process to receive your tax credits.)

1. Letter of Intent
2. EISTC Preauthorization-Request