Tax Credits

Your investment in Catholic education today provides scholarship funds for tomorrow’s students.

Virginia’s Education Improvement Scholarships Tax Credits (EISTC) Program provides a 65% return of your donation in Virginia state tax credits.

What’s great about tax credits?

  • They directly reduce your tax bill.
  • Individual donations starting at $500 are eligible.
  • All business donations are eligible.
  • If you choose to itemize, you will also receive federal and additional Virginia state tax reductions for charitable organizations.
  • When you donate appreciated stock, you also eliminate capital gains tax.

Get started to receive your tax credit this year!

Call Sister Anna Joseph @ 757-596-2754 or print off the Letter of Intent and Pre-authorization Form to request tax credits.  No donation is made until the approval letter comes to you from the Dept. of Education

Questions?  You can also e-mail the forms to

Learn more:  EISTC_fact_sheet_OLMC
2019-EISTC OLMC-PDF (This presentation includes an explanation of the simple process to receive your tax credits.)

Fillable EISTC Preauthorization 2019

LOI OLMC 2018_fillable