Bringing Our Mission to Life

The four pillars of human and spiritual development are represented by the symbols within our school seal.  These symbols both capture what has long been familiar to friends of OLMC, and represent the fullness of the mission being accomplished on a daily basis at the school.

Traditionally in religious art, the circular shape reflects the truth of eternity, without beginning or end, the goal for which we are created and toward which we freely and willingly direct our lives in cooperation with God’s will for each of us.  The goal of a Catholic education is to fully develop the capacities of intellect and will, in order to fulfill the mission entrusted to each of us in this world, through the use of all of our God-given talents and gifts, and finally, to be saints in the world that is to come.

Each of the four symbols within the circle represents one of the four pillars of human and spiritual development, derived from the time-tested teaching of the spiritual masters, and specifically in accord with the charism of the Dominican Order, which guides the life of our school.  The four pillars are Prayer, Study, Community, and Service.

Portrait of an Our Lady of Mount Carmel Graduate

Our Lady of Mount Carmel School stands firm upon the pillars of prayer, study, community, and service.  As a school in the Catholic Diocese of Richmond, Our Lady of Mount Carmel students are educated in faith and knowledge according to the Consensus Curriculum in the core subjects: Religion, Math, Grammar, Literature, History, Science, and Foreign Language.  In addition to their academic formation, we seek to aid our students in the growth of their sacramental life and the development of the Christian virtues of faith, hope, and charity.

Our students are formed to know themselves as God made them and exhibit self-confidence in choosing the good; in so doing, they positively influence their peers.  Our students have opportunities to actively participate in leadership formation and understand how to engage in civic responsibilities.

Our students are dedicated to pursuing the truth as they cultivate their minds to learn through study.  They have opportunities to think deeply, discerning and reasoning as they seek wisdom.  They use knowledge gained through study to make informed decisions.  And, our graduates are able to explore God’s creation and wonder and delight in mystery.

Our students are committed to seeing Christ in their neighbor, are attentive to opportunities, and willing to reach out to help those in need, even when this involves making a gift of themselves through personal sacrifice.

Our students nourish their relationship with Jesus through prayer.  They learn in times of prayer and through the witness of the saints and faithful educators that they are called to holiness.  And, through encouragement and discipline in practicing virtues, they begin to exhibit the qualities of a disciple of Jesus.


Prayer is represented by the crown, and calls to mind our relationship to God through Mary, which is the primary spirituality of OLMC School. Mary is our Mother, our patron, our protector, our queen and our model of how to live out the Christian life and the personal call of God. Since “all good things come from God,” prayer, faith, and our relationship to Him are the foundation and root of all the good that we will do in the world.


The open book with the word “veritas” (truth) scripted across it stands for the pillar of study. Catholic scholarship has led to the university systems which grew out of the middle ages, and has long supported the arts in expressing the beauties pondered in the human heart, as well as the applied sciences for the advancement of human life on earth. The long intellectual tradition insists that since Jesus Christ is the Truth, there can be no real conflict between what is revealed in faith, and what is discovered in applied science or in reason, as God is the God of both and cannot contradict Himself. Being rooted in study of all kinds develops the intellectual capacities and strengthens the will in perseverance and sacrifice, helping to fulfill the mission of Catholic education.


Community is represented by the interlocking links. What a distinct joy that at OLMC we have the fruits of a strong community! Beyond the intellectual development, the parish, parents, teachers, and students (the four interlocking links) seek together the good life for themselves and for their community, sharing in the warmth of friendship and love that radiates when we walk together in pursuit of what is good and true and beautiful.


The fourth pillar is apostolic service in the world according to our gifts and our call. The flaming torch represents a vigorous zeal for going out with the light of Christ to a world in need of His transforming love. Saint Catherine of Siena, lay Dominican, doctor of the Church, and favorite spiritual daughter of Saint Dominic taught, “If you are what you should be, you will set the world ablaze.” To light one’s soul on fire with zeal and to go into the world as leaders of transformation for Christ is the pinnacle and fulfillment of a fully Catholic education. This element of service - putting our whole lives, gifts, talents, and education at the service of the greater good of all peoples - defines who we are as a people: “they will know you are My disciples by the love that you have for one another.”