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Club and Activity
Clubs and Activity 2

Our Lady of Mount Carmel School is pleased to offer a wide range of clubs and activities to boost the student life on and off campus.  OLMC students are given the opportunity and encouraged to join school clubs, which open the door to building new friendships, allow them to explore leadership opportunities, and improve academic life.  75% of OLMC students participate in a club or activity to enhance their educational experience.

Christian Service Club (grades PreK-8)
The Christian Service Club draws the school families closer together to live out the Christian call to humility and service.  This club serves to explore ways for children to put their faith into action, teach service to the children, connect with the church, and gather the school students and families together for a virtuous purpose to live the sacraments.  The club welcomes the participation of all the parents and students!  Leadership positions are available for 7th and 8th grade students.

Sport Stacks (grades 1-8)
This club is a mind, body, and spirit challenge to students of all ages!  Learn to perform under pressure, collaborate and support a team, excel in hand-eye coordination, strengthen left/right brain connections, and increase speed without compromising accuracy – all in a playful environment.  There are formal competitions throughout the year, and OLMC is proud to be the defending Team Relay Champions!

Band (grades 4-8)
Students are invited to toot their own horn at this weekly practice of band and instrumental instruction for beginning and advanced performers.  When ready, students are encouraged to participate in music ministry at school Masses on Friday and will showcase their talent at fall and spring performances.  Members of the Advanced Band learn the skills necessary and perform in an ensemble.

Choir (grades 4-8)
Singing is praying twice said St. Augustine.  Students meet on a weekly basis to learn new pieces and to strengthen vocal skills.  They sing weekly at the all-school Mass and prepare special meditations during Advent, Christmas, Lent, and Easter.  They are often asked to sing at assemblies, such as Catholic Schools’ Week, Faith Day, and Living Stations of the Cross.

Math and Science Club (grades 4-8)
A hallmark club with high levels of participation, this club encourages students to practice critical thinking skills and develop flexibility in solving problems, while participating in exciting hands-on activities and projects.  Working collaboratively in a mentored environment, students explore the fascinating physical and chemical world God created.  Activities have included an egg drop challenge, slime polymers, luminescence, laser obstacle course, microscopy, paper bridge engineering, gravity and friction ball course and air rockets.

Student Council (grades 5-8)
The council includes officers from grades 6-8 and representatives from grades 5-8.  They sponsor charitable works, fundraisers, and social activities for the student body and work with the principal ,and vice principal in addressing student matters.

Altar Servers/Ushers/Sacristans (grades 5-8)
Students have the opportunity to serve at the weekly all-school Masses.  Eighth grade students serve as ushers, sacristans, and greeters under the supervision of the Liturgical Minister and the 8th grade religion teacher.  Students in 5th-8th grade, along with their homeroom classes, take turns serving at the altar and reading petitions during the All-school Masses.

Fund a Friend Club (grades 5-8)
This club serves to bring cheer to the children being treated at the Children’s Hospital of King’s Daughters.  Members work throughout the year to collect books, toys, and stuffed animals for the children.  In addition, they create cards and raise money through bake sales and change drives, to donate to the hospital.

Lego Robotics (grades 5-8)
This club combines math, engineering, and technology into one fun program, where students work in teams to build robots.  Working with various types of sensors, students program their robots to receive information, process it, and perform an array of tasks.  The Robotics club participates in the First Lego League, where sponsored competitions take place.

National Junior Honor Society (grades 7-8)
Students that are strong academically and demonstrate the four qualities of character, leadership, scholarship, and service, are considered by a faculty board for induction into the St. Thomas Aquinas Chapter of the National Junior Honor Society.

The Classic Movie Club (8th Grade)
This club endeavors to make accessible to students classic works of literature through film.  A brief introduction is given to set the stage for the time period, customs, and language of the day for each movie presented.  The works of writers such as Jane Austen, J.R.R. Tolkien, Elizabeth Gaskell, George Bernard Shaw, and Oscar Wilde are featured- just to name a few.  A discussion of the outcome of decisions made my characters is analyzed in terms of virtue.  The goal of the club is to inspire students to take on the challenge of reading these great works.

If you are interested in joining a club, please contact Mrs. Hill in the Front Office at 757-596-2754 or