Our Lady of Mount Carmel School’s counseling program provides guidance and support services to students, their families, and school personnel.  OLMC works with Catholic Charities of Eastern Virginia to have a school counselor in the building two days per week.  The goal of the Counselor is to help enrich student development in academic, personal, social, spiritual, and behavioral mental health and to assist our students in having a successful and rewarding school experience.  The school counselor is available to meet individually with students or in small groups to address issues such as bullying, self-esteem, depression, family concerns, grief and loss, behavior, friendship, and anger management, just to name a few of the  issues students face.  Our counselor also presents classroom guidance lessons to teach an array of topics such as positive self-esteem, respect, and good study-skills to enrich development.

The Counselor facilitates meetings with teachers, students, and parents to provide additional help to overcome student academic challenges.  The Counselor plays a significant role in identifying and referring students for mental health and academic evaluations in partnership with teacher and parents.