Middle School Life

Our Lady of Mount Carmel School provides a host of opportunities to the middle school students to cultivate their God-given gifts both in school and in their free time.  These intellectual, social, and service oriented events provide an opportunity for students to learn more about themselves, their peers, and the school community they are a part of.

6th, 7th and 8th Grade Retreats
All middle school students will have a retreat opportunity throughout the year that includes team building activities, opportunity for reflection, and prayer.

Fun Nights
On these days, children will beg you to bring them to school!  On Fun Nights, each grade level is invited to enjoy an evening with their classmates and teachers at school without the school work.  Students arrive in the evening, mingle, eat pizza, and play a variety of board and/orathletic games, which encourages making new friends and strengthening current relationships.  These events are great bonding experiences and build memories while forming a culture of fellowship among the students.

Elective Classes
Although some classes are required, students are able to choose their own elective classes which are built into the school day.  Students are encouraged to choose according to their interests, which enables them to strengthen skills and build relationships with their peers who share the same leisurely or academic pursuits.  Some elective classes include:  newspaper, yearbook, robotics, photography, service, guitar, drama and theater, strategic board games, and home economics.

Career Night
Centered in the heart of Hampton Roads and close to Langley Air Force Base, NASA, and the Shipyard, Our Lady of Mount Carmel School has many parents that have careers which require a strong background in the disciplines of math and science.  We recognize this unique opportunity and invite parents to showcase the use of science and math in their careers in an evening of speeches and demonstrations.  Participants often have careers in engineering, medicine, food science, architecture, computer security, music, and graphic design.  As middle school students are introduced to these careers to enhance their educational experience, it becomes apparent that math and science are used universally in daily life.

8th Grade Privileges and Events
As a culmination of their years at OLMC, 8th grade students are given distinctive privileges and have the advantage of coordinating lively events throughout the year.  These opportunities include:  facilitating and serving at the Italian Dinner, organizing the Talent Show to kick of Catholic Schools Week, and dressing down on their birthday.  The 8th grade also goes on multiple curricular-related field trips that include serving at the Poor Clare Monastery, visiting the holocaust museum in Richmond, and visiting civics-related venues in Washington, D.C . (for advanced classes) to earn high school credit in math and foreign language.

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Middle School Life
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