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                             Spirit Wear
Spirit Wear days are special days designated by the Principal when faculty, staff, and students can wear official OLMC Spirit Wear and jeans. These days usually fall on the first Wednesday of the month. All Spirit Wear days will be listed in Our Lady’s Word, and are optional. If a student does not choose to dress in Spirit Wear on these days, s/he should come to school in the regular school uniform.

Spirit Wear Day Uniform Guidelines:

• Official OLMC Spirit Wear shirt (long or short sleeve). A plain white shirt or turtleneck may be worn underneath. PE and athletic team uniforms or former field day t-shirts are not considered OLMC Spirit Wear.

• Jeans may be worn on these days, but they should be nice jeans without any rips, excessive fading, or stains. Belts are not required with jeans. Shorts are not worn on Spirit Wear Days.

• Students may wear the regular uniform polo shirt with jeans if they choose to not purchase Spirit Wear. The uniform polo or uniform dress shirt must always be tucked into pants.

• Colored hair is not allowed.

• No alterations should be made to the Spirit Wear resulting in tank tops, or shortened tops revealing bare midriffs.

• The same jewelry rules apply as on a normal school day.

Only gym shoes may be worn with Spirit Wear. Flip flops, Crocs, boots, or other non-gym shoes are not part of the Spirit Wear Day guidelines.
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