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                          Service Hours
In an effort to help keep the tuition cost low, Our Lady of Mount Carmel School requires each registered family to complete a minimum of 20 Service Hours per school year (10 hours if you are a single parent or have a deployed spouse). There will be 10 additional hours added to the requirement if a family receives financial aid. Service hours may be completed through ministries in the OLMC Parish, performing general work around the school, working in the school classrooms, chaperoning class events, preparing for and working during the school's special events, and sometimes completing take-home work for teachers. Attendance for class programs, school functions, or sporting events are not included for service hours, unless otherwise specified. All families are required to track their own hours and record them in the Service Hours binder located in the school's Front Office. Each trimester, the family hours worked will be totaled to date and sent home in the child's report card for family information. The service hour cut-off date will be May 15th of each school year. Any hours not completed will be billed at a rate of $15.00 per hour and added to the family's tuition account.

Below is a sampling of ideas for obtaining Service Hours. Please be sure to check Our Lady's Word and the school website for additional "help needed" information. It is possible to find out additional ways to serve by emailing the Home and School Association at homeandschool@olmc-school.com.

• During School Hours: Room Parent, chaperone field trips, Tuesday morning helpers, cafeteria volunteer, library volunteer, playground monitor, used uniform closet coordinator

• After School Hours/Weekends: serving on a Home & School Committee, Fun Fair, cooking/baking for various Home & School activities, working additional bingo shifts, manna sales, Auction Committee, Making a Difference Run, Cornerstone Dinner, Ladies Night Out, Golf Tournament, Grandparents Day

• Our Lady of Mount Carmel Parish Ministries

All who volunteer in the school in any capacity must sign in at the office and get a badge, which identifies them as visitors at the school. Upon leaving the school, they return the badge and sign out.

In addition to the 20 service hours, families are asked to fill two (three for those in receipt of financial aid) shifts at the Knights of Columbus bingo scheduled on Monday nights. Should a family wish to be excused from participation, they may buy out of hours or pay a substitute for the evening.

It is required by the diocese for all who work with children to attend a training program which promotes a safe environment for children and young people. The diocese has selected the VIRTUS program “Protecting God’s Children” to meet this requirement. The VIRTUS program assists the Church in teaching how to create a safe haven for children and how to prevent child sexual abuse within the Church and in our community. To ensure that OLMC School provides a “safe environment” for all of our children, all adult volunteers must participate in a three hour training session. There is no charge for the program, and throughout the school year OLMC and other local parishes and school will sponsor sessions. To register, please go to the diocesan website at http://www.richmonddiocese.org/ and select “training session availability” and click the link to the VIRTUS website, OR go directly to http://www.virtus.org/virtus/ and click on “Registration,” and follow the directions. Once VIRTUS trained, volunteers are asked to remain current by completing monthly training bulletins online.
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